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Cats and Rats of Indian Democracy

Posted by Isht Deo Sankrityaayan on April 16, 2008

Many analysts are talking of Nepal and naxalites today. All the Indian newspapers are full of articles about them. It seems that if any of them did fail of giving or writing an article on Nepal and naxalites, it or he will be no more a reputed newspaper or eminent journalist. Most of them are advising Indian naxalites to come on the way of democracy. No, I’m not a naxalite. I’m not a sympathiser too. But I m a democrat, not in the sense of American party; but in the sense of ideology. I dont know that if they should come on this way or not. But what do you think about Indian Democracy?

Is here really a democracy? Or all the system which we are looking around us, is just a mockery of democracy?

Let us talk about political parties of India. First of all I would like to talk about Congress. Yes, Indian National Congress, which should be named as Indiran Net-null Congress. Is it not? This is not a party of people or even partymen too. Here seems that if partymen are slaves of a family, that is called Gandhi-Nehru family. For a long time, I can say since the time of Mahatma Gandhi Congress do not have a democratic system, not at all. Today, whatever it is, you can see with your open eyes. Rahul is talking of Internal Democracy in the party, but it can not seen in the government too, which is led by this party called family. So many spoons(!), Ooooops, we use this word for flatterers in India, are demanding Rahul as Prime Ministers of India. Washing all the marks of shames, of course, they are seniormost Congress leaders. what do think about it?

Though Rahul, who is on the move to discover India, (as India has been lost anywhere, and if it is so I think he should see the dark corners of his own house), is denying to be. I think, he knows that what he can do. But how he will deny when after election if Congress gets majority, and in this democracy it is possible, Congressmen come raise this demand at large?

Let him go. Come on Communists. They are the second oldest after Congress. Do you see here any democracy. All the parties are overruled by a group of some leaders and not a normal being can come in front. No one is permitted there for a genuine argument. Though, to argue is a communist’s mool mantra.

Would you like to know about BJP or so called Sangh Parivaar? I think it is more parivaar than a party. Just like Congress. If there, you will try to talk about reward according to work or struggle, it will be named as rebel, and you will be out of party or parivaar. If you aren’t agree, you can see of Uma Bharti. She has raised the issue of democracy in party. She alleged that someone has hijacked Atal ji and Advani ji. She has compulsed to be oust and now owning herself a seperate party. Its Bharatiy Janashakti Party. As for as her allegation, I think Atal ji has hijacked Advani ji and Advani ji has hijacked Atal ji. Is it not?

If you want to talk of BSP, the only powerful party of dalits, you know that is one person show. Ms. Mayavati, and no other. If there is anyone, he or she is on her mercy and not on one’s merit. Come on to other not so good players, but gamerotters of Indian politics. It may be RJD, SP, DMK, ADMK, TMC, BJD or anyone else. All the Indian political parties are one-man or woman shows. All have their kings or queens and princes or princess. Everything is fixed everywhere, not like a private ltd company, but like sole owned shop.

Is it not? But yet, we are talking of democracy for naxalites. Without knowing what is Maoism, what is Marxism and what naxalism and then what democracy means for a naxal. This is much unfortunate, that most of learned Indian journalist think that Maoism and Marxism are the same.

I want to know that why they are asking naxals to take lesson from Nepal and why not so-called democratic parties? Are they think that they are democratic and if this democracy then what autocracy? How much this democracy’s life is? Do not forget that Bhutan’s monarchy itself stepped forward for democracy, and I hope there type is not like us. Should you not ask your own leaders for internal democracy in their pocket parties and then come to people for votes?



2 Responses to “Cats and Rats of Indian Democracy”

  1. express your views about multi party system .
    while in Britain or America there is only 2 party system .

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