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Posted by Isht Deo Sankrityaayan on August 13, 2008

Someone right, Some one left,
Elected leaders, sitting on bench.
Nation is aware to listen debate;
As the future of country at stake.
Journalists write al lot of nuclear deal
No one understands it is down or hill.

Bundles of currency, spread around;
No one listen, but everywhere sound.
Left-wing speaker tries to control;
But members are ready to kill the soul.
Freedom to speak has another meaning;
Dog-like bark, and rat-like dealing.

Non-sense talking goes ahead;
Parliamentarians cry without head
Cunning PM looks to high;
And getting assurance not to shy.
knowing very well how to ride;
The lady of power full of pride.

Debate of national deal goes to hell;
But numerical exercise does well.
Governments is saved again from fall;
Mischievous smile spread over all.
”People will” is crushed in agreement.
Yes! Yes!! It is our national Parliament.

Democracy and its soul is raped by them;
It is nothing but just like a planned game.
They misguide the nation in many directions;
Religious disputes and meaningless actions.
Who’ll save the nation form this bewilderment?
People dreams are always killed in parliament.

Poets, writers, artists are busy in aesthetic;
They have forgotten the light of physics.
Who’ll enlighten the mind of our dying nation?
Frustration! Frustration! Everywhere frustration!
our souls are sold for the sake of betterment;
A wash out action is need in our parliament.


5 Responses to “Parliament”

  1. siddharth said

    Freedom to speak has another meaning;Dog-like bark, and rat-like dealing.very true description of ‘Our Parliament’

  2. Your commets made me feel that this poetry has objective approach… I am glad that the decline condition of ”Our parliament” is being felt in the same way as I would wish. Thank for your attention.

  3. This is the most true picture of our partliament. congrats.

  4. thanks!!!

  5. singhsdm said

    OOH……La La LaOOH……Ha Ha Ha

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