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La commune de Paris

Posted by Isht Deo Sankrityaayan on August 22, 2008

After brutal defeat, Paris was under siege;
The National Guard was formed for peace.
Martin and Thomas were shot together;
Auguste Blanqui was elected as Leader.
”Republican tricolore” was pushed aside;
With high morals, they decided to fight .

For two million people, it was like haven;
Separation of religions, vote for women.
Gender equality was granted by decree’
Lemel and Adndre made a new history.
”Red Virgin of Montmartre” stepped ahead;
A female battalion emerged from the shade.

National assembly played the tricky game;
Marquis de Galliffet led the brutal shame!
Thiers managed to prevent all information
Narbonne was crushed with determination.
Conspiracy was rooted deep in the hell;
POWs were released from various jail.

Fierce fighting went on in the street;
Oh! It was very brutal bloody week.
Labau Barracks and Luxembourg garden!
These were the notorious sites of slaughter
50 thousand killed in ‘La Semaine Sanglante’;
Yes! Yes ! They all were excellent fighters.
Some flew to Italy, Spain and United states;
For years martial laws were imposed on fates.

History is full of mistakes and errors;
Let us be good thoughtful observers.
It will help us to march ahead with insight;
The time has come for a glorious fight.
Parliament is incapable to lead our fate;
Hypocrites cannot make our nation great.


One Response to “La commune de Paris”

  1. Oh! This window opens into history. That is not my forte. Anyway, it’s interesting indeed. Congrats…

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